YANTARNI - Hostile Environment Medical & Trauma course - Febrero 2011

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YANTARNI - Hostile Environment Medical & Trauma course - Febrero 2011

Curso de Medicina Tactica & Trauma - Prácticas reales en servicio de urgencia EMT de los bomberos de Guatemala City

Curso dictado en español


Course Overview

Designed and delivered by the authors of the upcoming book ‘Tactical Medical Care – From Injury to Extraction’ this unique modulated course offers delegates the opportunity to develop their pre hospital life saving skills, incorporate them into scenario based exercises and subsequently consolidate them whilst working on an operational ambulance, dealing with trauma and medical emergencies on a regular basis.

This course gives you the real world experience you need to gain employment or be confident to operate as a team medic in remote and hostile environments.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your patient assessment, trauma and medical life saving skills, become certified as competent by a doctor, gain experience whilst working with ambulance crews and build a portfolio of evidence, which will demonstrate your clinical hours, performance standards and build on your knowledge by reflective practice.

The ‘hands on’ course focuses on developing competency in pre hospital clinical interventions through skills workshops, scenario based learning and consolidation in a fast paced operational environment.

The Tactical Medical Care course is based in Guatemala, where traffic collisions and gunshot trauma rates are high. You will experience all types of pre hospital emergencies and be involved in each phase of ambulance operations, from deployment and patient assessment to treatment and transport.

The modules include:

Distance Learning package – Anatomy & Physiology
Distance Learning – Online portion of the (AAOS) Assessment & Treatment of Trauma (ATT) course
Basic English clases focused on security 20 hours
Tactical Medical Care course (6 days)
Enhanced skills, Medical Scenarios & Pre deployment assessments(2 days)
Ambulance Attachments (7 days)

The course was designed by experienced UK SIA licensed Close Protection Operators and (US, UK & Guatemalan) Emergency Medical Technicians. All of our instructors have experience of dealing with trauma in the US Combat Support Hospital (Baghdad, Iraq) and / or working with ambulance crews in the UK, US and Guatemala.

Our instructors have worked as operational EMTs and CPOs for high ranking British and US Diplomats, Military Commanders, The British Royal Family and commercial clients throughout Latin America, Africa, the UK and the Middle East and have designed this course to meet the needs of CPOs. The course will not make you a medic but it will ensure appropriate skills and knowledge are taught by experienced professionals who are focussed on you walking away 100% confident in the application of the skills which can save the lives of our colleagues and clients.

The FPOS syllabus is followed, along with the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and AAOS ATT protocols, which are applied to realistic scenarios including; Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs), medical emergencies, ballistic and blast trauma incidents etc. Following the initial phase, enhanced remote area skills will be taught under the guidance of a doctor and paramedic, whom will certify successful delegates as being competent in these skills.

Delegates will receive the following upon successful completion of all of the modules:

(Edexcel) First Person on the Scene (FPOS) – Intermediate certificate
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) - Assessment & Treatment of Trauma (ATT) Certificate
Receive Continuing Education (CE) credit hours
Yantarni – Tactical Medical Care certificate
Guatemalan EMS National TUM-B certificate (Tecnico de Urgencias Medicas – Basico) – EMT-Basic
Your personal Medical Development Portfolio of Evidence, including clinical interventions signed off by a registered medical practitioner or Paramedic

A letter of reference, signed by the Director of the Guatemalan Bomberos (Emergency Medical & Fire Service) confirming your clinical placement / internship took place and the ammount of Continuing Professional Development hours completed

This course is appropriate for:

Anyone operating in high risk, remote or hostile environments whom require advanced first aid training
Close Protection Officers whom require an approved first aid qualification to gain a UK Security Industry Authority License
Learning and practicing enhanced pre hospital life saving and patient management skills
Building a portfolio, including logging the skills and interventions completed (approved by a medical practitioner)
Gaining operational ambulance experience; patient contact, consolidating practical skills
Accumulating clinical hours and invaluable experience dealing with trauma and medical patients
Discovering Latin America and gaining an insight into the language, culture and opportunities within the region (i.e. the security industry, volunteer medical projects, travel opportunities)
Accumulating Continuing Education (CE) credits to maintain and enhance State or national certification (i.e. First Responders, EMTs etc)

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